PCMoulding & Automation Ltd offering a Total Solution for Injection Moulding

Some examples of 6 axis technology integrated by PCMoulding & Automation






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PCMoulding & Automation stands first and foremost for high-quality products and outstanding customer service. If you have a project which requires automating with a 6 axis or standard beam robot, our company can help. We can fully integrate with your injection moulding machine, design and build your end of arm tooling, electrical control interface and any other mechanical parts required to complete the cell. Our engineers are experienced in every field, from the IMM to the robot, even tooling and processing, so will be able to manage the project totally, bringing continuity and efficiency at all times.


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Max Robot EAW04-900P (Image above)

Come and view the demonstration Max Robot at our site in Dewsbury.

Write a test programme and familarise yourself with the controller.